Sunday, March 22, 2009


Another week of life down, and I'm about to go to church. Had some tasty dinner at Gidgett's house last night. Besides that, not much has been going on in life the past few days. At least in the real world. In WoW, I'm about to hit lvl 60. ^_^

Some fun little video game trivia for you.

- If you didn't already know, professional gamers are on the rise. The youngest signed professional gamer in MLG (Major League Gaming) is six years old. His gamertag is Lil Posion.

- If you do something in particularly bad taste on Xbox Live, Mircosoft will ban your gamertag...and in some cases, your Xbox itself. The longest ban of this type belongs to the gamertag and Xbox of Scar . He accidently downloaded Halo 3: Epsilon, a test version of the game used by Bungie employees to work out bugs. He played while connected to Live, and Mircosoft quickly noticed. His console and gamertag were banned until December 31, 9999.

- There are a number of sources that give ratings to games shortly after they come out, and luckily for us, there are a few sources that compile these ratings to give a game an overall score. The top five rated games of all time (excluding different ratings for this same game on a different console) are as follows:
1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 97.61%
2. Grand Theft Auto IV - 97.33%
3. Super Mario Galaxy - 97.28%
4. Super Mario World - 96.70%
5. Soul Calibur - 96.26%

- Until recently, the best selling game of all time (including bundles, i.e., copies that come with the console) was Super Mario Bros. for the Famicon, or NES. This was recently surpassed by Wii Sports for the Wii, which as of the end of 2008, has sold 40.5 million copies worldwide.

- The best selling game of all time (excluding bundles) is Super Mario Bros. 3, released in 1988. The game has sold over 17.2 million copies.


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